About Us - Simply What we Are and Our History

At Kavi Infotech, we provide wide range of solutions to the Publishers and Self publishing authors. We are providing customized solutions to the clients. Service we provide is both innovative and cost effective.


We are committed to providing high quality digital publishing solutions to our client's, comprising of publishers, universities, libraries, corporations and technology companies all over the world. Our key differentiators at a glance:

  • Dedicated team of about 45 XML/ePub/Mobi coders, proofreaders, typesetters, quality analysts, team leaders and managers in our DCC (Digital Content Conversion) division
  • We are able to scale our resources to meet our clients’ requirements
  • Accurate and quality content conversion from all kinds of source files in any format
  • Most competitive pricing with special discounts on outsourcing of bulk conversions/ consistent outsourcing
  • Free Sample Conversions
  • Security and privacy of your data guaranteed

OUR VISION - Simply What we Do and Our Quality


We made this 7 letter word our first and foremost concern since the day we established ourselves. We are hard minded to compromise anything against Quality. What more!!


“Solutions are not the answer”. Answers respond and reply. Solutions tend to disposition or solve a problem. Anybody can come out with feasible or even infeasible answers. But not everybody can come out with solutions to your problems. And moreover the solutions cannot be always qualitative. A considerable change in an organization is the outcome of an effective as well as a qualitative solution.

Quality and TAT

Quality and TAT are tough to go hand-in-hand except for a super-computer. However we took these mutually exclusive elements and strived hard to board them on the same boat. We have succeeded in this so far and will continue to. The testimonials from our customers can speak you of this.